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Hortonworks and Apache Hadoop, the open-source software for reliable, scalable and distributed computing

Why choose Hortonworks ?

Hortonworks is known worldwide for its ability to integrate Big Data features, available in the Apache Hadoop ecosystem, which empower the companies to store, manage and analyse a vast amounts of data quickly and reliably on commodity hardware. Apache Hadoop and Hortonworks offer us an open-source platform for distributed storage and distributed processing on computer clusters. Hadoop provides a distributed file system with a high-throughput data access, a framework of job scheduling, cluster resource management and features for parallel processing of large data sets. On the other hand, the Big Data ecosystem contains additional features for managing and monitoring Hadoop clusters, data serialization, scalable databases, data warehouse infrastructure, machine learning, data mining and data flow programming frameworks. These technologies have changed the way as the businesses are managed. Nowadays, more than half of the Fortune 50 have adopted Hadoop.


We have experience providing Big Data solutions for our clients using the Apache Hadoop ecosystem and the Hortonworks software. Since 2012 we have been working on Big Data solutions based on Hadoop, MongoDB, Phoenix, HBase, Ambari and others and nowadays, we are considered experts in the Big Data business. We are able to design tailored dashboards, business reports and prediction tools. With Hortonworks, Hadoop and ZYLK, companies can easily access Big Data technologies to get useful information and improve their competitiveness. We have implemented Big Data solutions in businesses such as telecommunications, energy and public administrations, with remarkable results for our clients.


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Pentaho Dashboarding for EU-OSHA European Agency


Hadoop for Large-Scale BigData File Sharing


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Sep 17, 2015 is an official Hortonworks Partner

Hortonworks es una solución de Apache Hadoop Enterprise (os dejo un link a un vídeo explicativo) que garantiza que la entrada de empresas y administraciones públicas a la explotación del universo BigData se haga de una manera fiable, con soporte profesional, y basada en soluciones opensource. En estos momentos, es uno de los players...

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Sep 2, 2016

Zylk Industry is here Big Data and IoT together

  Zylk Industry is here. Big Data and IoT together for our customers.   your industry is full of data, are you...

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Jan 11, 2016

Visión general de una arquitectura de microservicios basada en yarn

Siguiendo con la evolución de las arquitecturas orientadas a servicios ... ahí va un gráfico que completa la visión general explicada en anteriores post

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