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UPV/EHU – The University of Basque Country


We have worked with the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) for a number of years in the ongoing design, development and maintenance of a high avalability Alfresco ECM platform (EHUDoku), based in Alfresco 5 for a potential user base of 10,000 people, that now have gained access to the EHUDoku repository. This includes professors, secretaries, support staff and students, availing of the multiple capacities of the Alfresco platform.

Initially, we started with the design of a virtualized architecture composed by 4 environments based on Alfresco One 4.1 (development, testing, pre-production and production enviroments), and putting the focus in the Single Sign On (SSO) integration (Oracle OAM) and LDAP syncronization, with Oracle database as relational backend. In a second step, we provided to the final picture an Alfresco cluster with a second node for final users, a dedicated SOLR 1.4 server for indexation and searches, a GlusterFS filesystem for the contentstore and finally, a dedicated transformation server for MS-Office documents. Later, we upgraded Alfresco to 4.2.4 version and finally to Alfresco 5, changing SOLR 1.4 for SOLR 4 and GlusterFS filesystem cluster by high performanced NFS store.

Also, we helped Alfresco users (SAO and SGIKER University Services) to adequate their collaboration and document management processes, designing their initial document map structure for sites, spaces and permissions, and their corresponding content models and forms in Alfresco Share. Meanwhile, we started to develop the first content-centric applications from the Liferay portal, offering logical views for University's public documentation directly taken from specific Alfresco workspaces. Also other teams started to develop against Alfresco repository via CMIS API, integrating their corporate solutions. Massive scanning and document load processes also were performed, and finally a Sharepoint to Alfresco Sites migration for collaboration purposes.

EHUDoku is a multi-faceted and complex environment. Some different use cases are implemented, from basic collaboration, document management solutions for quality processes, to portal and digital signature integrations.

César Capillas - ECM/Portal Expert


The UPV/EHU project is multi-faceted and complex. Some different use cases are implemented, from basic collaboration, document management solutions for quality processes, to portal and digital signature integrations. In the final solution, we provided a Single Sign On (SSO) architecture and the implementation of a clustered environment within dedicated indexation & search SOLR4 and transformation servers. Together with the LDAP synchronisation of users to facilitate easy access to Alfresco repository and its collaboration features, from the categorisation of documents to the faceted search or preview functions. Additionally, the UPV/EHU web site, based on Liferay Portal, is integrated with EHUDoku using REST and CMIS APIs via portlet. The implementation of a digital signature add-on provides extra power for internal collaboration uses and processes. 

We continue to guide UPV/EHU in their successful adoption of the Alfresco ECM platform. We provide training in Alfresco system administration and monitorization, and also the necessary guidelines for Alfresco third-party integrations and developments, which has eased the process of migration and the overall integration of Alfresco and have proceeded in organising the upgrade from version 4.1.5 to version 5.0.3.


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