INDAR Open Lab

State of the Art and Cutting Edge Technology
in Big Data, Edge Computing, IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Additive Manufacturing.

INDAR Open Lab

It is an industry-specialized data solution that bridges the IT/OT worlds.

What's in it for you? 

Testing ground for digitalization strategy
A specialized PoC (Proof of concept) team accompaniment, personalized, based on your business.


Technology Providers

Cloudera is a leading Open Source provider of Cloud technology. Comprehensive data solutions, On-premise, Cloud and HYBRID; compatible and interoperable with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud providing FLEXIBILITY for your data.

Apache Software Foundation is the largest Open Source community in the world. Its products are maintained by experts around the world, offering ROBUSTED and RELIABILITY.

INDAR Open Lab 


  • Open the door to Open Source technology to exploit your data.
  • Take control of your data.
  • Optimize your processes, learn and predict from plant data.

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