Migration to Liferay DXP

Lantik - Provincial Council of Bizkaia


As a Liferay partner specialized in developments under its technologies, has led the migration of the web portal of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia to Liferay DXP in its version 7.0. This multisite, multi-domain and multi-language portal, with contents in Basque, Spanish and English, hosts different government websites such as the tourism website or the youth website, among others. The project team of Zylk has played the roles of coordinator and technical office of the different agents and companies that have collaborated.

Initially, those project tasks that could hamper the work of the different development teams were identified and a development infrastructure based on free software projects such as git, gitlab and jenkins was deployed. One of the challenges of the project, and in any product upgrade, is how to organize the companies that develop existing projects while the development life cycle of Liferay 6.2. continues.

On the web portal of the Diputación de Bizkaia there are several websites (the main portal, the transparency portal or the press area) with a large number of content templates (around 120), appearance themes (3), and portlets (35) developed with different frameworks such as (MVC, Service Builder ...). Due to the changes introduced in the product architecture in the DXP version to a modularized OSGI architecture, this was a considerable challenge. Adaptations of the components to the Bootstrap libraries of the new version were necessary to adopt the most modern "mobile first" paradigms. In addition, the accessibility of web pages was emphasized, adapting certain parts of Liferay to comply with the level of adaptation AA.

The development regulations of the technical office, based on the manufacturer's recommendations, were essential to organize the project team.

Alfredo Sánchez


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