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Since 2014 year, Barpimo company, leader in the manufacture and commercialization of varnishes for wood, paints for decoration, building sector and industry, has relied on to accompany  it in exploitation of its data, from an own approach of Business Intelligence or BI.

Starting from the need to exploit data that company had until that moment, in order to generate knowledge, tasks have been required to understand data, for its later extraction, transformation and load to a homogeneous model that consolidates everything.

This model, has taken into account needs of the company, in terms of dimensions and measures (or KPIs), enabling its exploitation from different hierarchical points of view, both temporal and logical (product families, state level location, provincial level, zone level…)

In order to generate higher value, starting from the model I have told above, the consolidation and updating of several reports that company had till that moment from heterogeneous origins have been carried out, as well as generating several dashboards to be able to obtain quickly answers to decisive value questions.

Zylk helps along companies that want to begin to understand the added value that a Business Intelligence can provide, based on the data they have, and in this way, improve the understanding of their business, obtaining support for the decision making.

Irune Prado - Pentaho Expert


Following the own procedure of this projects typology, we have been accomplices of the selection of different areas that were most interesting to exploit (Sales, Balance and Accounting), and we have built beside Barpimo, cubes for their later consultation on crude (through typical manipulations of an OLAP cube), reports and dashboards.

Through the Pentaho products stack, we have been able to increase the value for Barpimo, in an incremental evolutionary way, using its ETL data and consumption modeling tools, including its report engine and dashboards.

In addition to integrating products such as Pentaho, Zylk also bets on partner companies solutions, such as Meteorite, whose Saiku component is distributed in Pentaho CE solutions, allowing consumption of cubes in an easy and intuitive way for a user who begins his or her career with this kind of projects.   


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