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EU-OSHA – European Health Agency


From many years to now, and Bilbomatica have worked together in order to provide custom developments and maintenance services for the EU-OSHA European Agency.

In conjuction, we are building a stack of software products, that the Agency may re-utilize in order to minify the costs of future projects, providing them ad-hoc features suitable for European Agencies, such as internazionalization, localization, open-data availability, accessibility, SEO and many more.

Being able to deliver fast dashboards, in order to provide a quick and meaningful message, was one of the requirements for 2016, and that is the aim of the Data Visualization Tool Framework (DVT).

The Framework must look after the different phase requirements, which include data extraction, transformation and load (ETL tasks), development, taking advantage of all the features that the framework provides, and an user-friendly delivery in form of dashboards that enable the user to follow the conclusion of the Agency’s reports, related to the Safety and Health at Work issues.

Data Visualization Tool Framework project aims to comprise a stack of technologies, methodologies and procedures, that will provide the Agency quick development cycles, ready to kick production, thanks to Pentaho Community Dashboarding system.

Irune Prado - Pentaho Expert


Because open source software has already consolidated its benefits, the Agency stakes for Pentaho as the BI tool that will perform these dashboards, thanks to the Community Dashboarding Tools, or Ctools.

“CTools are a set of tools and components created to help you build Custom Dashboards on top of Pentaho”.

These tools, not only allow us to deliver beautiful information, but they are perfectly rendered on both traditional desktop and mobile or tablet devices.

The documentation is extensive and high quality, making the process learning easier for new developers.

After the initial phases, which included the tool selection, prototypes, and the first dashboard development, Agency is already working on more dashboards, that will not only produce dashboards, but will serve as the bias that will enable the framework to become more and more mature, for the future dashboards benefit.

From we will acompany the Agency in order to integrate these requirements in the most profitable way, so that future dashboards will have all the previous features available out of the box, at the same time they benefit from the products new features, as the product evolves.


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