Liferay DXP

Fagor Industrial's B2B web and e-commerce platform

Fagor Industrial


The multi-language content management platforms are an indispensable tool in the web positioning of companies and multinational organizations, which require flexible systems for hosting and publishing multiple websites or intranets that work on several domains. They also require some integration with their corporate systems. The objective at Fagor Industrial was to set up a centralized content management platform to host the different webs and intranets of the Onnera group, including Fagor Industrial. Said platform firstly hosts Fagor Industrial's corporate web, and constitutes the platform on which the Fagor Parts B2B eCommerce solution is deployed. 

The corporate web works with Liferay DXP, in its version 7.2, and hosts 3 domains with a total of 10 languages to manage the numerous contents of Fagor Industrial.

Liferay Portal provides a unique content management and integration platform that allows us to easily build web, intranets and B2B Commerce solutions.

Alfredo Sanchez


The Liferay DXP digital experience platform provides us with the central tool on which Fagor Industrial's hotel, restaurant and laundry catalog is displayed through templates and specialized content structures. These contents are managed with a publishing workflow in Liferay.

The product's responsive capabilities allow the web and its catalog to be adapted to all types of mobile devices and tablets. The web solution also provides a download area called "MyFagor", resulting from a custom integration with the corporate document manager (Sharepoint), as well as an integration with their social networks through portlets. Liferay's forms system, on the other hand, allows us to carry out advanced business logic for managing notifications from Fagor Industrial's target customers who contact us via the web, as well as integrating them with the company's external systems, such as Salesforce.

Another of the challenges for Fagor Industrial's development and marketing teams was undoubtedly not to lose positioning in a service change where the information architecture and the web sections changed significantly.






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