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The open-source ECM platform for organisations who desire smart and modern software to increasecontrol of critical business content, optimise processes and make collaboration effortless

Why choose Alfresco ?

Alfresco ECM (Enterprise Content Management) is the chosen ECM platform for NASA, FOX, Michelin and thousands more enterprise customers worldwide. It is an open and powerful ECM capable of integrating well with your existing document-centric applications and processes. Developed using Java technology, the Alfresco ECM platform can provide your business with simple access to content with a rich user experience which facilitates easy collaboration, maximising the value of your content.

In many organisations, documents are business-critical where the maintenance, storage, security and access to which are very important for the business. Whilst Alfresco allows for a central location forstorage (repository), it also provides strong access control, ensuring that sensitive documents, such as contracts for example, can only be viewed and edited by explicitly authorised users. Users of Alfresco can access from the web and mobile so that you can view your business documents and perform operations from any location, and content can be shared in a way which is secure and controlled. The strong audit trail feature ensures effective compliance and transparency. Alfresco features a review and approval process which improves efficiency in organisations and provides a clear business process management structure, removing uncertainty and length in the approval cycle whilst also furthering collaboration. Besides Alfresco allows to classify content with business coordinates using categories and tags, which ease specialized faceted searches over the indexed content.


We are experts with over 6 years experience in the implementation, development and integration of Alfresco ECM. ZYLK designs and optimises the Alfresco ECM platform to suit the needs of clients, allowing them to organise and consolidate content to improve productivity and regain control of valuable corporate information. Our tailored client solutions include the design of document repositories, content-centric applications, collaborative intranets, business process management (BPM) processes and third-party integrations, such as the digital signature application Desktop Client by Sinadura. The Alfresco ECM platform allows us to design repositories capable of extending and scaling the concept of document-centric collaborative intranet for a diverse range of clients.

Our team is specialised and consists of developers, engineers and administrators certified by Alfresco (ACA and ACE). We are active participants in the Alfresco Community of developers. Our Alfresco expertise benefits the wider Community of users through our extensive input into Alfresco forums and through our own blog. ZYLK also maintains a strong presence in the events of the Alfresco Community, contributing regularly to those organised by both the Community, such as Alfresco Meetups, BeeCon and those officially organised by Alfresco itself, such as the Alfresco Summits and Alfresco Days.



Libreoffice addon for online edition in Alfresco Share

Alfresco Share addon for online edition provides webdav links for online edition for LibreOffice/OpenOffice and MS-Office mimetypes.

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OpenLDAP Authentication subsystem compatible with CIFS

Alfresco provides some authentication subsystems compatible with CIFS drives (as passthru or kerberos), but not for an openLDAP subsystem. This component solves this problem.

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Sinadura for Alfresco 5

Protocol-based digital signature integration for Alfresco ECM

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Feb 12, 2019

ZYLK at Alfresco Devcon 2019

I was present at the Alfresco Devcon 2019 conference that took place last week in Edinburgh and I can still feel the great atmosphere created during the event at the International Conference Centre. It was very pleasant to meet again with some of the Alfresco community rock...

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Jan 28, 2019

Liferay DXP integration with Alfresco via CMIS API

This week we will be in Edinburgh attending Alfresco Devcon 2019. Alfresco DevCon is an international developer conference dedicated to Alfresco related technologies, which provides a good opportunity to meet the experts of the community, and to obtain practical knowledge and use cases for Alfresco based solutions. Mikel Asla (Board Member of the Order Of the Bee), will present a lighting talk about Alfresco - Liferay integration via CMIS API titled "Portal & ...

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Dec 26, 2018

See you in Alfresco Devcon 2019

As you probably know, Alfresco Devcon 2019 will celebrate next January in Edimburg. Alfresco DevCon is an international developer conference entirely dedicated to Alfresco related technologies, including technical sessions, training oportunities and keynotes. A good opportunity to meet experts of the community, and to provide developers a practical knowledge, use cases, best practices and techniques for Alfresco based solutions.

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Nov 28, 2015

Online edition with Libreoffice in Alfresco 5

Last days I was asked for a tip (again) for enabling online edition via webdav with Libreoffice in Alfresco 5. It is tested with this setup: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (although it can work in other Linux) Libreoffice (it comes with the Linux distro) Alfresco CE 5.0c && 5.0d (the jar is valid for Alfresco 4 too) Last versions of Firefox and Chrome So, in your Alfresco 5 server you need to download the jar file and ...

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Apr 21, 2017

Simple tips about Alfresco logs

Today I put together some basic tips about Alfresco logs in Alfresco installations. 1. Rotate catalina.out The Tomcat Server log file catalina.out grows and grows by default. You can use a custom for default Tomcat configuration, but you can easier use logrotate for catalina.out  $...

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Apr 26, 2016

Change Alfresco ports in Alfresco 5

Sometimes we need to change the main ports of an Alfresco web application (i.e 8080 --> 9080), for example for running another Tomcat based app in your machine. This is a tip for Alfresco 5.x   Change 8080, 8443, 8009 and 8005 connector ports in $ALF_HOME/tomcat/conf/server.xml Change JPDA 8000 in  $ALF_HOME/ tomcat/bin/ if used Change 8080, 8443 ports in...

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