Big Data

Hortonworks and Apache Hadoop, the open-source software for reliable, scalable and distributed computing

Why choose Cloudera ?

Cloudera is known worldwide for its ability to integrate Big Data features, available in the Apache Hadoop ecosystem, which empower the companies to store, manage and analyse a vast amounts of data quickly and reliably on commodity hardware. Apache Hadoop and Cloudera offer us an open-source platform for distributed storage and distributed processing on computer clusters. Hadoop provides a distributed file system with a high-throughput data access, a framework of job scheduling, cluster resource management and features for parallel processing of large data sets. On the other hand, the Big Data ecosystem contains additional features for managing and monitoring Hadoop clusters, data serialization, scalable databases, data warehouse infrastructure, machine learning, data mining and data flow programming frameworks. These technologies have changed the way as the businesses are managed. Nowadays, more than half of the Fortune 50 have adopted Hadoop.


We have experience providing Big Data solutions for our clients using the Apache Hadoop ecosystem and the Hortonworks software. Since 2012 we have been working on Big Data solutions based on Hadoop, MongoDB, Phoenix, HBase, Ambari and others and nowadays, we are considered experts in the Big Data business. We are able to design tailored dashboards, business reports and prediction tools. With Cloudera, Hadoop and ZYLK, companies can easily access Big Data technologies to get useful information and improve their competitiveness. We have implemented Big Data solutions in businesses such as telecommunications, energy and public administrations, with remarkable results for our clients.

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May 9, 2021

Montando un laboratorio con apache Ozone

Llevo bastante tiempo sin escribir nada técnico relacionado con el mundo del la analítica de datos y el bigdata. En zylk hemos seguido trabajando con el ecosistema de apache hadoop (hive, yarn, hdfs etc..) y como siempre también hemos estado siguiendo algunos proyectos de la fundación apache que nos parecen interesante. Entre ellos hay tres que nos gustan especialmente y son: Apache Ozone Apache

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May 3, 2020

Creando mapas personalizados para el análisis de datos

Una de las cosas que se suelen hacer cuando se está haciendo un análisis avanzado de datos es representar los mismos, tanto desde el punto de vista de la fase exploratoria como desde el punto de vista del uso de los resultados de los modelos aplicados. Dentro de este contexto hay una librería/proyteco que es muy interesante y se se está usando bastante. Este proyecto es plotly, es un proyecto bastante más interesante que una mera librería...

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Mar 22, 2020

Procesando ficheros con columnas de tamaño fijo con NiFi

Supongamos que tenemos un conjunto de ficheros que se han generado con un programa que exporta los datos de las columnas con un tamaño fijo. Por ejemplo un programa que exporta los siguientes cuatro campos FechaAlta (YYYYMMDD) 8 posiciones Estado Civil (0|1|2) 1 posición Edad (0-99) 2 posiciones Genero (0|1|2) 1 posición Cada registro será de la siguiente forma 202001030561 -> que representa un...

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Dec 16, 2017

See you in Alfresco Devcon 2018

Last week, it was published the Alfresco Devcon 2018 conference program, that will celebrate in Lisbon next January. Many Alfresco experts of the community, customers, partners, and employees will participate on this fantastic event, around Alfresco related technologies. The program looks really interesting and trendy, with topics such as production-ready Docker stacks, Alfresco deployments using Kubernetes, AWS use cases, SDK 3.0 setups, Alfresco Development Framework (ADF)...

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Aug 8, 2017

Basic Nagios setup for Alfresco Community

Today I publish a basic Nagios setup for monitoring Alfresco Community with the help of OOTB Support Tools addon, including recent commands about SOLR indices. Other links:

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Sep 4, 2017

Docker image for Nagios setup for Alfresco Community

Recently, I started to play with Docker and Vagrant. Many docker images are available in Alfresco Community projects, and recently Alfresco published a very interesting Vagrant Sandbox for the complete platform. My first Docker image is now published on github for a basic setup of Nagios/Icinga for Alfresco (Community and...

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