Web Content management

An open digital business platform with a Content Management System at its core.

Why choose Magnolia ?

Airbus Group, Sony and many more use Magnolia as the central hub for web, mobile and IoT. Magnolia allows users to connect data from any source, manage content and then to publish it for any device. It is a flexible, scalable and secure platform that can keep sites up and running even when faced with growth, by a heavy use. Magnolia allows us to develop to meet the diverse needs of our clients. A noted benefit of choosing Magnolia as an Open-Source Content Managementy System, (CMS) is that users can be rapidly trained on its intuitive platform, ensuring an efficient adoption process.


We are experts developing this unique open suite, creating superior multi-channel digital experiences for our clients. Significant Java expertise is needed to take advantage of Magnolia's open-source architecture and to integrate the CMS with existing systems. Magnolia gives us the freedom to create customised web CMS-based portals.

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