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Why choose Pentaho ?

Pentaho has been a pioneer of open-source BI software. Since its foundation in 2004, its cutting-edge approach has been recognised several times by the community. Recently acquired by Hitachi Group company (2015) and supported by a great community, which constantly enhances the integration of new technologies such as Big Data, Cloud Business, and the Internet of Things Analytics in its ecosystem. Thus, it is consolidated as a robust software to depend on.


We have worked side-by-side with our clients in order to make their data visible through Pentaho’s suite of products, for conducting business reports, dashboards, OLAP cubes and ETL processes. With ZYLK, Pentaho Business Analytics tools ensures that each member of our client's team - from developers to business users - can easily translate data into value.

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El objetivo de IRI EARS es el mantenimiento predictivo de robots y maquinaria industrial a partir del sonido y las vibraciones que producen. Determinados procesos en la fabricación son caracterizables a partir de la vibroacústica, y se puede obtener un modelo de comportamiento ideal a base de entrenamiento. La solución del proyecto engloba tanto la parte Hardware como Software y su materialización se lleva a cabo en unos dispositivos a desplegar cerca de...

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La primera edición de BIND 4.0 concluye con un Demo Day

La primera edición de BIND 4.0 concluye el próximo 5 de mayo con un demo day en el que tanto empresas industriales como inversores y medios de comunicación podrán contactar con las 11 startups participantes. Durante esta jornada las startups participantes presentarán sus proyectos junto con las empresas industriales a las que han aportado talento y soluciones innovadoras para mejorar su actividad. En nuestro caso...

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Pentaho Dashboarding for EU-OSHA European Agency

After a year of work for EU-OSHA Agency (European Agency for Safety & Health at Work), Zylk’s BI team Iñigo Sanchez, Sergio Argerey and Irune Prado, together with Bilbomatica’s team, has concluded a huge and ambitious project where dashboards are delivered as dynamic infographics, using Pentaho Community Dashboard Framework. The result is available in the following link   ...

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Simple Kibana dashboard for monitoring Alfresco Logs

Some days ago I wrote a post about how to set up a basic Kibana dashboard in Alfresco Enterprise with JMX metrics, from a logstash JMX input. Today I'm gonna add some simple configuration for creating a dashboard for Alfresco logs. The architecture for ELK is the same of the previous post, with logstash running in your Alfresco instance and a dedicated Elastic Search and...

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See you in Alfresco Devcon 2018

Last week, it was published the Alfresco Devcon 2018 conference program, that will celebrate in Lisbon next January. Many Alfresco experts of the community, customers, partners, and employees will participate on this fantastic event, around Alfresco related technologies. The program looks really interesting and trendy, with topics such as production-ready Docker stacks, Alfresco deployments using Kubernetes, AWS use cases, SDK 3.0 setups, Alfresco Development Framework (ADF)...

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Kibana dashboard for monitoring Alfresco JMX metrics

This weekend I read in Elastic blog that Mr. Robot uses Kibana for monitoring the Dark Army, so I decided to write a post about a recent monitoring project for representing some basic (but interesting) Alfresco JMX metrics in a clustered environment, in which I was involved last week. As you probably know, Kibana is a useful tool of the ELK stack, composed by Elastic Search as indexing backend,...

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