The best solution for E-Learning

Why choose Liferay ?

Valamis is the ideal solution to manage the learning in a global environment. It is a robust add-on for Liferay, if your company is using the Liferay technologies, Valamis already works for your organization. Taking advantages of the last learning methods, Valamis adapts itself to the organization's requirements, such as training process for employees, clients or dealers.

  • The social learning as a competitive advantage.
  • Efficient management of the talents & Skills .
  • Regulations compliance.
  • Accredited audit process.
  • Analytical to measure the effectiveness of learning process.


The expertise that we have at our disposal at ZYLK ensures reliability and a complete integration into the Liferay portal framework for our clients in public administrations, universities or private enterprises. We have been a Liferay official partner for over 6 years and our Liferay certified developers ensure that our projects reach the highest standard and functionality for our clients. At ZYLK, we are experts in the design and optimisation of open-source enterprise portals, ensuring a multi-platform, multi-language and multi-site solution for the challenges faced by the modern enterprise. We adapt the Valamis to the needs of our clients and integrate it with open-source software such as Alfresco, Pentaho or Sinadura, and also with other non-open third-party systems.


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Pentaho Dashboarding for EU-OSHA European Agency


Hadoop for Large-Scale BigData File Sharing


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Oct 13, 2016

Participa en la mesa redonda de ZYLK y Valamis en el symposium de Liferay en Madrid

Como dijimos en nuestro anterior post,  ZYLK se presentará  como patrocinador gold en el Symposium de Liferay junto con su partner finlandés ARCUSYS. Allí podrás contactar con nosotros en la Sala Garnacha I, stand G5. Presentaremos la plataforma open source Valamis, que ha sido galardonada con varios premios y es implantada exclusivamente por ZYLK en Liferay Portal, compatible con DXP. VALAMIS está siendo usada con muy buenos resultados por...

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May 11, 2017

Zylk organiza junto a Liferay una jornada en la que mostrarán a las empresas cómo lograr una transformación digital real

Zylk, la empresa vasca de referencia en la optimización de soluciones de código abierto, en transformación digital y en analítica avanzada y Liferay, proveedor de la plataforma open source de portales y gestión de contenidos, mostrarán a las empresas como lograr una transformación digital real y resolver los retos complejos a los que se enfrentan las organizaciones. Los expertos de Zylk y de Liferay ...

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Oct 6, 2016

ZYLK patrocinador del VII Symposium de Liferay en Madrid

ZYLK participará como patrocinador gold en el Symposium de Liferay que se celebrará los próximos 19 y 20 de octubre en el Hotel Eurostars Suites Mirasierra. Liferay, del que somos Partners, es el suministrador de portales Open Source más utilizado del mundo. Clientes como Adidas, HP y Lufthansa forman parte de la cartera de clientes de Liferay. En el Symposium se realizarán múltiples actividades, que...

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Nov 28, 2015

Online edition with Libreoffice in Alfresco 5

Last days I was asked for a tip (again) for enabling online edition via webdav with Libreoffice in Alfresco 5. It is tested with this setup: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (although it can work in other Linux) Libreoffice (it comes with the Linux distro) Alfresco CE 5.0c && 5.0d (the jar is valid for Alfresco 4 too) Last versions of Firefox and Chrome So, in your Alfresco 5 server you need to download the jar file and ...

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Feb 24, 2017

Pentaho Dashboarding for EU-OSHA European Agency

After a year of work for EU-OSHA Agency (European Agency for Safety & Health at Work), Zylk’s BI team Iñigo Sanchez, Sergio Argerey and Irune Prado, together with Bilbomatica’s team, has concluded a huge and ambitious project where dashboards are delivered as dynamic infographics, using Pentaho Community Dashboard Framework. The result is available in the following link   ...

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May 19, 2010

How to link portlets located on different pages in Liferay Portal

Following with the IPC (inter portlet communication), let's go with an example that explains how to create a link in one portlet that points to another portlet located on a different page (editor's note: wow!! - editor's hint: portlets are not pages) To do this we have to use the tlds :

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