Checking details about bootstrap content models in Alfresco

How to list and check your custom content models in Alfresco

In many situations, when developing or migrating Alfresco, you need information and details about a bootstrap content model in your Alfresco installation. How to get this info without having access to the installation or deployed AMP or JAR packages ? Let's give some possibilities.

1) Data Dictionary Service and webscript

Dictionary service may help providing a large JSON with all your content models:



Besides, you may have other helpers, such as the following webscripts (in case you know your content type or aspect, for example the claim example content model).

  http://localhost:8080/alfresco/service/api/classes/clex_claimDocument (type)
  http://localhost:8080/alfresco/service/api/classes/clex_claimFolder (aspect)


If you install a JSON plugin for your browser like JSONView (available for Firefox and Chrome) you will find this infor easier to read (as above).

2) CMIS Workbench (in this case, even without admin credentials): 

CMIS Workbench is a java desktop CMIS repository browser that is able (between other interesting features) to list and check your content models (from CMIS point of view).

3) Alfresco Bulk Import Module v2.x (for Alfresco admin users only)

Content migrations using metadata is a typical situation when you need to know the content model. This essential addon provides an HTML webscript describing your deployed models.


For this you need to install:


4) Alfresco Model and Messages Console (for Alfresco admin users only)


Finally, the Model and Messages console in Alfresco Administration Console should give you the content model too.

> help
> show file-list alfresco/extension/*Model.xml
> show file alfresco/extension/zkLinkModel.xml

It is tested for Alfresco 5, but it may work in Alfresco earlier versions.


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