Alfresco Administrator Training Links

Useful resources for Alfresco Administrators 

This week I'm training a group in Alfresco Administration. I write some of the recipes used and commented in the training course.

Alfresco Installation and basic configuration:

Alfresco Reference Architecture: 

Alfresco Zero Day Configuration Guide:

Alfresco Best Practices (Luis Cabaceira at Beecon 2017)

Alfresco Security Best Practices: 

Alfresco Backups and Disaster Recovery: 

Alfresco Addons (Module Packages): 

Using JMX in Alfresco Enterprise: 

Monitoring Alfresco:

SOLR subsystem tips: 

Alfresco Upgrade Procedure

Alfresco Support Guidelines (Bindu Wavell at Beecon 2017)

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