Custom search dashlet for Alfresco Share

Dashlet for filtering by type, path, tags or categories

Today we rescue some parts of a useful code for a multi-purpose search dashlet for Alfresco Share. We developed it some time ago and some parts are still working in Alfresco 5. The dashlet allows to configure custom filters in user and site panel such as:

  • Document Type 
  • Custom Path
  • Multiple categories
  • Multiple tags
  • Document mimetype

The dashlet is able to limit the number of results of the query, sorting by typical metadata such as cm:name or cm:modified, where ascending or descending orderings are also available. The dashlet can also work in full screen.

You can use the dashlet in the user / site panels defining a custom search with the different filters. For example, some invoice scanned files are tagged with project and invoice in document library and you want to configure a dashlet for filtering project invoices in Site Demo. The result of the dashlet (in the detailed view) will be something like:

And the corresponding configuration options for the dashlet:


More information about the project is published in github:

Other operational modes of the dashet are now disabled, for example, for using preconfigured searches, waiting for some refactorization. 
Do you wanna collaborate with us in the maintenance of this addon ? Please fork and share with us.


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