How to sync LDAP users and groups in Alfresco ECM

Run LDAP synchronization in Alfresco

Once you set up your LDAP or LDAP-AD synchronization properties, you may execute an LDAP sync in several ways:

For Alfresco Community Edition:

1) The basic way, via configuration properties: By default, a differential sync is done on synchronization subsystem startup (on Alfresco startup) and also via the corresponding cronjob:

synchronization.import.cron=0 0 0 * * ?

2) Via OOTB Support Tools: Go to OOTB Support Tools > Scheduled Jobs and execute ldapPeopleJobDetail job

3) Via Javascript Console: This is a nice tip for Javascript Console. You can run code for triggering a quartz job (ldapPeopleJobDetail job) for example, or executing the user syncronizer.

For Alfresco Enterprise Edition:

4) In Alfresco Administration Console > User Management: Simply, run sync.


5) Via JMX Console: You can restart the synchronization subsystem using JConsole or jmxterm

MBeans -> Alfresco -> Configuration -> Synchronization -> default -> Operations -> start()

or trigger the LDAP quartz:

MBeans -> Alfresco -> Schedule -> *CronTrigger (e.g. MonitoredCronTrigger)-> syncTrigger -> executeNow()

Finally, remember that you can debug this process setting the following logger:

This can be done using OOTB Support Tools (without restarting) in Alfresco Community Edition or setting it in $TOMCAT/shared/classes/alfresco/extension/ (needs restarting Alfresco). In Enterprise Edition, you may also use Support Tools (for EE) or a JMX console to set this logger to debug, without restarting Alfresco.


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