Liferay portlets for searching, browsing and downloading in Nuxeo

Sometime ago we started to test Nuxeo REST API's from python and java, for example here and here. Last days, Karmele, Gustavo and me developed some Liferay portlets for searching, browsing and downloading documents from Nuxeo DM via its REST API. I put here some details and the screenshots of each portlet.

Portlet 1: Portlet, using browse restlet query for navigating ecm content and proxy-pattern downloading from Liferay portal. The standard browse restlet is used for navigating through workspaces showing the corresponding documents. A proxy-pattern for downloading is used when the Nuxeo server is not available from the outside of your organization, and the portal is used for web layer. In the preferences panel, you must configure the authentication data for the Nuxeo server.


The browse portlet for Nuxeo repository:



The portlet preferences:


Portlet 2: Portlet for searching full content in Nuxeo repository and downloading from Liferay portal. We customized a Nuxeo restlet query for searching in Nuxeo repository, whose results are shown in a paginated table when many results are obtained. The download is performed by a servlet that consumes the corresponding urls for downloading.


Portlet 3: Portlet for integrating Nuxeo search services (REST service layer) into the Liferay generic search portlet. This feature is possible using opensearch federated searches in Liferay via Nuxeo REST API services (some time ago commented here). It is also possible to download the documents found in the Nuxeo search.


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