User dashlets for quick search and business views in Alfresco Share

Some time ago, we started the development of two dashlets for improving the access to content in large repositories. Some considerations about these useful dashlets are written here:

The first dashlet was inspired in the search way of the target space in Bulk Filesystem Import Module, so we implemented some kind of space launcher dashlet. A quick space jump from your user panel to a repository space, which is suitable in large folder structures. Some time ago, for Alfresco 3.4.d CE, we implemented other aproximation, not dashlet-based. This is the screenshot of the current dashlet component:

The second one was developed originaly as an extension of a data model type definitions. For example, we create a custom document type for invoices, with some metadata like "validation state" or "assigned to user". Then in Data Dictionary/Queries we created simple folders with the corresponding lucene query in the description. So we can configure dinamically and quite easily a personal business view to users, obtaining a custom dashlet with several defined querys in a combo, for example the last validated invoices by Fred or other custom querys, for example in the screenshot Public and Shared (which is the lucene query +ASPECT:\"qshare:shared\"):

From the main view, you can select from a custom defined search from the combo, the metadata template for viewing the search results and full page view option.

You can instanciate the dashlet several times in the user / site panels allowing to select one of the defined custom searches in each dashlet. So we can define a user panel, with two bussiness querys such as "My last added invoices" and "My new contracts to sign". 

Other very interesting part of the dashlet is the possibility of defining logical and custom views of the repository, for allowing quick access to deep paths, email inboxes spaces etc etc. A simple example for the user panel, can be "My spaces in the root path repository" as a complement of "My sites", for hybrid site / repository uses of Alfresco.

The most powerful features are related to search filters. Some filters are available: by root Path, by category or tag, and orderings: ascendent/descendent orderings or a custom metadata for sorting. All of these filters, with the help of a custom query field added in the configuration gives us even more flexibilty. This is the main page for filtering:

We are thinking in adding more filters such mimetypes, custom types or even the possibilty for saving searches in the near future. So, that's all about our little basque-knife for Alfresco. ¿ Do you like it ?

Some of these addons were shown in Alfresco Summit 2013 in Barcelona, you can see and download a presentation of these addons here.


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