Validation of Xades type signatures in Alfresco ECM

Recently, we developed a signature validation module for Alfresco ECM compatible with Xades-type signatures, such as Sinadura Desktop Xades Format (SAR file) and XML Facturae (Spanish Standard for Electronic Invoice). Previously, we implemented it for PDF signatures (CMS/PKCS7). We applied it in an Alfresco Enterprise project in Peru, for Xades DIGIDOC signed documents.

First of all, we included the Sinadura validation libraries in the Alfresco module, for obtaining the signature information from the SAR and XML files (which is extensible with other particular Xades signature types). From Alfresco point of view, we created a validation aspect where the signature data is storaged for SAR and XML mimetypes. We developed two menu actions and their corresponding action-executers for being applied in content rules. It is also available the option of validating several documents in one action.

We show some screenshots of the module:

- Menu actions allow to validate signatures of PDF, SAR and XML files though action menus. It is possible to select several documents to be validated in one action.edit properties you can see (but not edit) the signature.


- The signature information is shown in "Edit properties":


We can also apply a content rule for validating once the document is uploaded to a space:

If you need more information of validation addon for Alfresco, please contact us in the following form


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