Zylk Industry is here Big Data and IoT together


Zylk Industry is here. Big Data and IoT together for our customers.


your industry is full of data, are you aware of that?


ZYLK Industry is a project that was born 2 years ago from the Big Data Team experience in Energy, Automotive, and Telecomunications industries. Our team is formed by professionals with extensive experience in Big Data, IoT, telecommunications, front-end interfaces and data analytics.

ZYLK Industry has given a step foward and has developed a non-intrusive 360º data adquisition device, M2M, endowed of distributed intelligence through which, upon captured data, we established a layer of advanced analytics and visualization that allows showing the process KPI’s and generating alerts. With this, we optimize patterns of energy consumption, reduce peak power demand, improve the OEE and enable cost reduction.


Beyond the applications that offer Analytics for Big Data, ZYLK Industry provides hardware and software solutions based on Hortonworks (zylk is already partner), Kaa project and Apache Hadoop Ecosystems, to  implement energy saving measures to the industrial sector.


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