Alfresco custom JDBC authentication addon


What is Alfresco custom JDBC authenticator addon ?

Alfresco custom JDBC authenticator addon provides an out of the box authentication subsystem able to login against a custom table of users storaged in a relational table of a custom application.

It is designed for users integration between an Alfresco repository and a custom application. You can use it with any type of database (mysql, postgresql, oracle....) with its corresponding jdbc driver and it is fully customizable through authentication properties. You can also use CIFS with this subsystem if your password field is stored in MD4.

How to install it

The installation is tracked via an AMP package. Stop Alfresco, copy the AMP file in ${ALF_HOME}/amps and use ${ALF_HOME}/bin/ script to install the AMP. Then, copy configuration files to the extension directory to customize and configure the authentication parameters. Once they are configured, restart your Alfresco instance.

How to configure it

In, we can add the new subsystem in the authentication.chain of file.


Then we can customize the authentication subsystem with the help of the files


where ${EXT_ROOT} should be something similar to /opt/alfresco4/tomcat/shared/classes/alfresco/extension/

Custom JDBC properties

The custom properties of the addon are (for example):
jdbc.query=SELECT password FROM myusers WHERE id='{1}'

# Default administrators

# If = true set jdbc.authentication.password.type = md4

# Password encryption type in DB plain|md5|md4


It is important to note that the other CIFS-able subsystems must be deactivated (only one of the subsystems can use CIFS - in fact the first one in the chain). In


Where to find more information

For more information about this addon, please fill contact / order form



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