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Recently, we implemented some probes of concept regarding associations in Alfresco ECMN, guidelined by the excellent blog post of Rui Fernandes Monteiro about associations in Alfresco. We also talk about the basics of this module in Alfresco Summit in Barcelona some weeks ago. I write here some guidelines of the module in preparation and testing.

We implemented a "Content Link" and "Sharing Content with users" in Alfresco, extending the Direct Access or Symbolic Link concept in Filesystems in Alfresco Share UI.

We show two use cases. The first one is related to a complex multi-level and deep space structure in our organization, so we would like to create links from one space to other space in a diferent folder structure (usually for other type of users). Here is an illustrative example in the screenshot (I hope).

In the example above, the source space is at:

Company Home > Zylk > zadmin > commercial > clients > projects > 2014 > invoices > invoices-Q1

and the target is below:

Company Home > Zylk > Finance-2014


Here I show invoices-Q1 properties for defining the target content links:


In the module, we have to apply the corresponding aspect (Create Content Link) to the source space, then we edit the metadata for the association (the target spaces) and then we run the Create Content Links action that appears when the aspect is enabled. In the repository view, we can see tiny icons if aspect is applied and their corresponding actions.

The second use case is similar, but the content is shared with some users and creater under the corresponding user homes. The metadata is somehow similar but we apply it to a set of users instead of target spaces. In some way, it's a dropbox like sharing in Alfresco and in both actions solve the problem of permissions when sharing content with non-core or casual Alfresco users in large complex content structures.


It is important to note that we are not copying the data, only providing several parent nodes to a children. It can be applied on single documents too.


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