Updated Docker image for Alfresco monitoring with Alfresco Search Services

Nagios Icinga setup for Alfresco Content Services updated 

During last days of summer, I took some time to update the Docker and Vagrant images for Alfresco monitoring setup with Nagios / Icinga, adding support for Alfresco Search Services and also PNP4Nagios for having some visualizations. In the provided configuration, I created a new host for Alfresco Search Services, and a sample configuration for the most useful services for monitoring SOLR 6: core index errors, average measured times for SOLR handlers or caches hitradios. The sample configuration is for a non secured SOLR 6 instance in 8983 port, which should be available from the Nagios / Icinga server. Alfresco Search Services are monitored via a python script by Alexandre Chapellon, and it is valid both for Alfresco Community or Alfresco Enterprise (aka Content Services).

Besides, on this update, I include in the Docker and Vagrant images the PNP4Nagios installation, adding graph capabilities for the monitored information, and performance data to the provided shell scripts. 

The Docker and Vagrant images are quite interesting for some use cases, for example, when auditing an Alfresco instance having perfomance issues, and you need to compile and visualize (custom) monitoring variables taken from Alfresco repository. It is also quite useful when analyzing different support cases, usually when customers, do not provide any monitoring infrastructure or information.


For Alfresco Community, non direct monitoring is done via OOTB Support Tools addon and its corresponding webscripts:

For Alfresco Enterprise (aka Alfresco Content Services), the non direct monitoring is done via JMX.

Finally, the services for Alfresco Search Services host:


HINT (04/09/2018): In the moment for writing this post, performance data for Alfresco Search Services is not correctly shown.


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