Useful Alfresco Resources

Most helpful resources for beginners

One of the most frequently asked questions about Alfresco is what resources are the most helpful when starting to learn and developing with Alfresco. Today I'm going to complete an answer given in Featured Member questionary last December, with further details and links:

Some basic and essential resources are Alfresco documentation, Community Forums, Alfresco Addons, and of course the well known, Alfresco Developer Series.

Packtpub has published some interesting (and recent) Alfresco Books for reference, written by Alfresco Experts:

Alfresco Blogs are other fantastic resource for tips, probes of concept, or product vision. Few of them are listed here, but you may find many more in the Order of the Bee (OOTB) aggregator:

Several posts have valious information and guidelines, which are important and relevant when learning and later. For example:

I also enjoy with the Alfresco whitepapers. This is a compilation of them. Good reading!!

Finally consider Youtube resources too: 



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