Zylk.net and Alfresco Community in 2016

For zylk.net, the participation in Alfresco Community was a mandatory aspect during 2016,  being involved in several Community events. Sergio, Salek and me were in the BeeCon, the Alfresco Developer Conference, organized by The Order Of the Bee in Brussels, while David and me, were in Barcelona in the Alfresco Day.

During this year, we shared the last releases for the free Alfresco addons in our corporate github, the "Edit online with Libreoffice", and the "Send Link by email" action. We expect to add new Alfresco addons and to improve our contributions during the next year.

We also restyled the corporate web and blog, classifying all previous Alfresco posts, and recently we started to publish in english, which allow us to appear in the technical articles aggregator of The Order of the Bee Blog or in its Professional Service Network.

Finally, I started to participate actively in the new Alfresco Community Forums since September, collaborating with this fantastic Community, and being highlighted as an Alfresco Featured Member in the top 10 Community leaderboard. Check the blog post details at:


Happy Christmas to Alfresco Community !!


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