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My top Alfresco Addons

Cesar Capillas
Cesar Capillas
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Recently we upgraded to Alfresco 201602GA (5.1.e CE) with all their
new capabilities such as smart folders, new admin console or model
manager. But once you installed Alfresco CE (or EE), you always need
some extra Community power. This is a selection of our favourites for
our Alfresco installations.
1. Javascript Console: Simply fantastic, essential
plugin for administrators and developers in Alfresco installations.
Also execute script addon in Share extras is quite useful in 5.x
version , but it needs some changes for make it work in recent versions
2. Alfresco Site Creators: I do not remember a recent
Alfresco Installation without this customization. Must have!
3. Alfresco Site Space Templates: The missing
templates for Alfresco Sites.
4. Libreoffice Edit Online: No applet based, simple
as webdav based edition hyperlink for protocol registering.
5. Uploader Plus: How many times does a client ask
you for filling metadata before uploading the document ?
6. Alfresco List Manager: Dynamic Lists
administration for your Alfresco Share forms and content models. A
simple way for avoiding redeploying constraint lists in content models
continuously. It is very useful, when these data is not completely
static, for example a list of clients.
Other useful picklist plugins may be –>
7. Alfresco Bulk Import v.2.0: Enhanced Bulk Import
Tool for (not inplace?) content migrations.
8. Trashcan Cleaner: Do no forget to take out the thrash.
9. PDF Toolkit: Useful PDF actions for content rules
split, merge and many more.
10. Alfresco Audit Analysis and Reporting: The BI
reference project for Alfresco Suite.
For Alfresco 4.x users Audit Share is a very very nice addon
11. Alfresco Groovy Runner: Nice console for accesing
Alfresco Java API. Well documented, with many examples.
12. Alfresco version by name: Very nice customization
for the default behaviour when uploading documents in Share.
Other admin basics for EE users are:
1. Support Tools for Enterprise Edition: A
«must» have for every Alfresco Enterprise installation.
A JMX console like JMX term is quite useful –>
2. Alfresco Nagios Plugin: A very useful check_jmx
plugin for Alfresco (more adequate for Enterprise Editions) although
basic ports monitoring and checks are also valid for Community Edition.
More links:

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