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A CMIS client for Nuxeo and Alfresco in Android

Cesar Capillas
Cesar Capillas

A very nice application for android is cmis-browser,
now cmis
1.0 is finally approved
. The project is in google code and we
recently tested against Nuxeo CMIS, and our Nuxeo servers. The images
below show the default domain structure and several pictures available
in Nuxeo CMIS demo server.

 Currently it implements the following functions via CMIS as it is
pointed out in the main project page:

  • Browsing the CMIS repository
  • Viewing documents (additional viewer apps are required depending
    on type)
  • Sending documents via email
  • Search by title or fulltext search
  • View document properties
  • One configurable CMIS repository (accessed by CMIS Atom Pub Binding)

Requires Android 1.6 – 2.01 and external storage (SDCard) for
document caching. The default example is given for Alfresco repository.

More info:


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