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Basic metadata to deal with document lifecycle status

Cesar Capillas
Cesar Capillas

Modelling custom status for Alfresco documents

A basic customization to manage and visualize content lifecycle in
Document Library may be done with a simple content model for document
status. This basic customization for final users may be used with or
without workflow tasks and it is document-centric (not in principle
task oriented). The set of metatada for a
custom zpm:statusable aspect may be defined for a
document under certain folder via content rule, custom behaviour, or
on demand adding the cited aspect in Manage Aspects action. This
helps us to define properties for a given document like status,
priority or percentage. For a better visualization, we can use a
custom metadata template (for simple and detailed views) with custom
indicators, that change depending on the status value. A tipical view
of the document Library could be the next one:

This may be improved if using metadata as facet in Alfresco search,
where you can easily see the number of documents with status’ in an
Alfresco search, and use the corresponding filter. For example, typing
ASPECT:"zpm:statusable" we get something like:

Also, it may be useful to configure a smart folder for these
predefined queries:

The code for this addon can be found at:

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