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How to deactivate metadata extraction in Alfresco

Cesar Capillas
Cesar Capillas

This a simple tip for deactivating metadata extractors in Alfresco 4
and 5 (from Alfresco 4.1.4 and above) 

When do you need this ?
  • In
    a bulk filesystem import
    , you can lose performance in data
    injection due metadata extracters.
  • When you have a huge repository with millions of documents, and
    you want to apply indexation policies to prevent a non-controlled
    indices growth.

In just type (and then
restart the service):

# pdfs
# office types
# images (no exif aspect)
# docx,xlsx,pptx
There are more beans involved for other mimetypes. Anyway they have
to be deactivated one by one.

You can check that data is not being extracted, activating the logger
in (repository): 

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