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How to sync LDAP users and groups in Alfresco ECM

Cesar Capillas
Cesar Capillas

Run LDAP synchronization in Alfresco

Once you set up your LDAP or LDAP-AD synchronization properties, you
may execute an LDAP sync in several ways:

For Alfresco Community Edition:

1) The basic way, via configuration properties: By
default, a differential sync is done on synchronization subsystem
startup (on Alfresco startup) and also via the corresponding cronjob:

synchronization.import.cron=0 0 0 * * ?

2) Via OOTB Support Tools: Go to OOTB Support Tools
> Scheduled Jobs and execute ldapPeopleJobDetail job

3) Via Javascript Console: This is a nice tip
for Javascript Console. You can run code for triggering a quartz job
(ldapPeopleJobDetail job) for example, or executing the user syncronizer.

For Alfresco Enterprise Edition:

4) In Alfresco Administration Console > User
Management: Simply, run sync.


5) Via JMX Console: You can restart the
synchronization subsystem using JConsole or jmxterm

MBeans -> Alfresco -> Configuration -> Synchronization -> default -> Operations -> start()

or trigger the LDAP quartz:

MBeans -> Alfresco -> Schedule -> *CronTrigger (e.g. MonitoredCronTrigger)-> syncTrigger -> executeNow()

Finally, remember that you can debug this process setting the following logger:

This can be done using OOTB Support Tools (without restarting) in
Alfresco Community Edition or setting it in
(needs restarting Alfresco). In Enterprise Edition, you may also use
Support Tools (for EE) or a JMX console to set this logger to debug,
without restarting Alfresco.

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