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Liferay DXP integration with Alfresco via CMIS API

Cesar Capillas
Cesar Capillas
devcon 2019

Updated Alfresco Browser Portlet for Liferay DXP

This week we will be in Edinburgh attending Alfresco Devcon 2019. Alfresco DevCon is an international developer conference dedicated to Alfresco related technologies, which provides a good opportunity to meet the experts of the community, and to obtain practical knowledge and use cases for Alfresco based solutions. Mikel Asla (Board Member of the Order Of the Bee), will present a lighting talk about Alfresco – Liferay integration via CMIS API titled «Portal & Content Services Revisited: Alfresco – Liferay Integration«. 

This portlet integration between Liferay DXP and Alfresco Content Services provides a solution for getting logical views of the Alfresco repository in different pages of Liferay Portal, including the possibility for browsing, searching and downloading contents from the portal page, and a gateway for publication of Alfresco content.


This is the main page view for publishing the well known default site in Alfresco:

Liferay DXP integration with Alfresco via CMIS API


Some resources and a video demo are linked here:

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