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Share action to copy an Alfresco link in your email client

Cesar Capillas
Cesar Capillas
Some time ago, we published an Alfresco addon
for editing online with Libreoffice in Alfresco Share (via webdav
protocol), in github. For this
plugin, that works in Alfresco 4.x and 5.x versions, we need to
register a protocol for using webdav url scheme (dav:
or in our operating system. Recently,
we made an update for Libreoffice 5.x in github
Taking a similar aproximation, we developed another simple action
for copying directly an Alfresco download URL via
mailto: protocol, which is already registered in our
OSes. I mean, when clicking in the corresponding action, your email
client is opened with the download url for the file copied in the body
of a message. Between the different download urls available, we chose
http webdav url for getting some information about the paths and
filenames. The github project is available here.
In fact, this is done in a similar way, when sharing
a public url
via email, but for public content.
This action is available in both Document Library and Document
Details menus. The details menu is shown below:
When clicking for the first time and if a default application is
not defined for the mailto: protocol (or url scheme), the browser
will ask you for an application. Click in the right app and remember
the chosen application. In the figure, I selected Zimbra, which is
my email web client.
Finally, you will get something like this:

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