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Sinadura connector for Nuxeo DM

Cesar Capillas
Cesar Capillas

Sinadura is an open source
java-based multiplatform desktop application for signing PDF’s, that
provides a simple solution for digital signature and electronic
invoice processes. This software guarantees the integrity, the
identity, and the no repudiation of any PDF document, for example, in
payslips, contracts, invoices or certifications.

The legal disquisitions regarding to the storage, custody or
preservation of many of these signed documents for companys and public
administrations recommend the use of enterprise content management
systems such as Alfresco ECM or
Nuxeo DM. The ECM systems can
help us to manage the full document lifecycle, involving sinadura
desktop client in digital signing processes/workflows with this
integration. The process of signing is performed on the client side,
and therefore, we can use both smartcard (pkcs11) or software
certificates (pkcs12) for the common signing features of sinadura
(visible stamps, customized background images, TSA timestamps or OCSP validation)

previous posts (in spanish), we commented the integration of
sinadura client with Alfresco ECM repository, which covered the
basic ECM functionality for adding, updating, browsing, downloading
and deleting documents from sinadura client. The ECM functionality is
now implemented in sinadura client for Nuxeo DM 5.3.x via REST API,
including the next repository actions:

Sinadura connector for Nuxeo DM

  • Add to Nuxeo path: This option allows us to add
    selected PDF documents in sinadura client to a chosen workspace in
    the Nuxeo repository. The final path  is selected with the help of a
    sinadura browsing component.
  • Add to Nuxeo default path: The default path is
    defined with the browsing component in sinadura preferences. Then,
    the selected pdf’s are added directly to this default path.
  • Download from Nuxeo: This option allows us to
    browse the Nuxeo repository and to download locally a chosen PDF
    file to sinadura client.
  • Update in Nuxeo: With this option, we can update a
    file in the repository, which can be previously downloaded from
    Nuxeo repository (and signed with sinadura).
  • Create Workspaces: We can create new workspaces
    from sinadura client in the repository.
  • Delete from Nuxeo: We can also delete a document in
    the repository via this option (always with the necessary permissions).

I let here some of the screenshots of the sinadura connector
for Nuxeo. For example, the Nuxeo repository authentication preferences:

Sinadura connector for Nuxeo DM

The default path for adding PDF’s in Nuxeo repository is also
selected in preferences window:

Sinadura connector for Nuxeo DM

Updating a signed document in Nuxeo:

Sinadura connector for Nuxeo DM

are currently working in sinadura 3.0
, which will allow to sign
any type of file (not only a PDF file). Please contact us,
for more information about the connector, or about digital signing and
enterprise content management services.

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