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Sinadura Desktop is now on github

Cesar Capillas
Cesar Capillas
sinadura y github

Moving sinadura SVN to Github

During this summer, we took some time for moving the old Sinadura
subversion repository to Github. From this moment it will be easier to
contribute to Sinadura project, to work with different teams or to
accept pull requests on Sinadura code. This effort was initially
powered due a contribution of Douglas C.R. Paes (from DGCloud) indeed, who is using
Sinadura in one of his projects in Brazil. He contributed with a full
Brazilian – Portuguese internationalization of Sinadura and its
corresponding dependencies, and we released a new version of Sinadura,
numbered with 5.0.9.

All the components of Sinadura Desktop are now on diferent
github repositories, where sinaduraDesktop is the
main project for generating the sinadura packages:

You may find a README page with the instructions for generating
the Linux and Windows installers via maven, while the directory of
releases for Sinadura is still sited at Other related
Sinadura based projects live on Github yet, as the Alfresco
integration for Sinadura Desktop
, while we plan to commit other
related Sinadura projects like, Alfresco validation module or Sinadura
Cloud Services (actually used in the Alfresco integration as an
example of protocol-based digital signatures).

Please checkout the sinadura project details on github:


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