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Using the editorial marker field in SOLR elevation component

Cesar Capillas
Cesar Capillas
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Recommended search in SOLR

One of the nice features of SOLR is the ability for doing promoted or recommended searches. 
With this feature, you can basically use a kind of query (elevation query), that is able to elevate static searches configured by id.

Use case example: Imagine that you have a popular Alfresco blog in your site, and you want that when searching for term «alfresco blog», your first or  just a «recommended page» is the solutions page.

In elevate.xml:

  <query text="alfresco blog">
    <doc id="" />

In your solrconfig.xml:

<searchComponent name="elevator" class="solr.QueryElevationComponent" >
  <!-- pick a fieldType to analyze queries -->
  <str name="queryFieldType">string</str>
  <str name="config-file">elevate.xml</str>
  <str name="editorialMarkerFieldName">elevated</str>

Then in the fl parameter of your query should include the field «[elevated]«. Using solr admin with qt=/elevate or the bash script of the other day:

$ ./ "alfresco blog" url,score,[elevated] "" elevate zylk

It is clear that if you order by score, you can see something diferent in the resultset.

  "url": "",
  "score": 0,
  "[elevated]": true
  "url": "",
  "score": 2.7496874,
  "[elevated]": false
  "url": "",
  "score": 2.3795006,
  "[elevated]": false


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