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We are speaking at Beecon 2017

Cesar Capillas
Cesar Capillas
beecon 2017

Beecon is coming

Next week we will participate in Alfresco Developer Conference (Beecon 2017), presenting two lighting talks:

Javascript API based developments for improving your Alfresco experience

Alfresco is a fantastic suite for collaboration. Nevertheless, final and business users require frequently several modifications of the Alfresco interface and functionality OOTB, to customize and, in best cases, to improve Alfresco. In the presentation, I will talk about a set of Alfresco addons, that came from different conversations with clients. They are simple customizations of Alfresco that may be also a a good starting point for developing in Alfresco with Javascript API. All the addons presented are open source licensed and published in github.

Sinadura ECM: Protocol-based signatures for Alfresco

Sinadura 5 is a popular java desktop client for signing documents. One of the new features of the last version is the addition to the main installer of a new mini-client designed for the web. This mini client was developed for the replacement of the java applet technology, by a protocol-based signature registered in your operating system. In this talk, we show the integration and possibilities of Sinadura 5 with Alfresco Share, relating to its advanced signature properties, profiles and visible stamps.

Beecon is coming…. see you in Zaragoza next week! 

We are speaking at Beecon 2017

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