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ZYLK at Alfresco Devcon 2019

Mikel Asla
Mikel Asla
devcon 19

I was present at the Alfresco Devcon 2019 conference that took place last week in Edinburgh and I can still feel the great atmosphere created during the event at the International Conference Centre. It was very pleasant to meet again with some of the Alfresco community rock stars, as well as attending so many interesting talks.

ZYLK at Alfresco Devcon 2019

                                      Brian Remmington at Alfresco Devcon 2019.

There were also lots of great talks that I could not attend and I cannot wait to see the recordings that will be published by @Alfresco soon.

And my talk about Portal & Content Services Revisited: Alfresco-Liferay Integration was a great experience about controlling the timing and feeling right on the stage 🙂 You can find the slides of my lighting here.

ZYLK at Alfresco Devcon 2019

                                      Mikel Asla at Alfresco Devcon 2019.

The event started with the Hackathon and practical workshops, like the one imparted by Toni de la Fuente and assisted by Sergiu Vidrascu. The next day was full of amazing talks starting with the visionary keynote by John Newton and the roadmap keynote by George Parapadakis where we learned about the present and future of Alfresco Business Platform.

Some of the talks that I really enjoyed; Upgrading to Alfresco 6: The Short History of a Long Road by Angel Borroy, Moving from Actions and Behaviors to Microservices by Jeff Potts, PostgreSQL Holds the Rhythm of the Alfresco Platform by Boriss Mejias, Encryption at-rest and in-transit: Survival Guide with ADBP by Toni de la Fuente.

Special mention to Axel Faust and his commitment to make the Hackathon 2019 such a successful event. I was amazed with all the projects on the Hackathon showcase.

And obviously there was also a lot of talks about Kubernetes, ADF, cloud and Artificial Intelligence, the edge topics that Alfresco is pushing upon. All the changes that are occurring right now on the core to adopt the new event gateway architecture paradigm is going to be a revolution and is happening now. Move forward or die.

Here you can see how the architecture of Alfresco has changed during these 10 years.
ZYLK at Alfresco Devcon 2019

And now it’s time to think about Alfresco Devcon 2020. See you there!

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