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Testing new features in Elastic Search 7 with Docker

Cesar Capillas
Cesar Capillas

Using docker images for evaluating Elastic Search 

If you use or evaluate Elastic Search, you may be surprised of the quite fast version lifecycle and the new features found in every minor version (almost a minor version each two months). Recently, Elastic Search 7.6 was released.  

A simpler possibility than to upgrade your test environment, or test it in the Elastic cloud, is to use docker images for testing the new Elastic stuff. The documentation provides a docker-compose configuration for setting up a simple cluster, which it is indeed a good starting point to learn the basic settings. Even you can use these images in a Portainer infrastructure (or similar) for managing a Docker Swarm cluster of Docker Images.

Other docker possibility is to use this github project:

In this moment, this project is based on Elastic 7.5.1, so you can test some interesting features such as Kibana Lens. By default, in this setup, security and monitoring x-packs are enabled (user:elastic pass:changeme), and it activates by default a trial version of the license, so you can check some entrerprise features not included in open source / basic license. 

Backing to official docker resources, if you are interested in App Search, you can use the following docker-compose for testing analytics, promoted documents, or relevance tunning for a general text-search use case.

Similar docker resources are provided for other use cases of observability, for example, if you are interested in APM you can check the following link

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